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An in-depth review of one of Americas favorite RV rental sites.

Whether you are planning a family camping trip, a classic American roadtrip or to go off grid for a few weeks to disconnect & recharge an RV rental might just be the perfect solution and RVshare make the whole rental process simple and fun.

RVshare.com is without a doubt one of Americas favorite private RV rental sites for both renters and owners but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Well the short answer is yes but if you want to find out more we have tried to answer all the main questions you might have below

We will also help you answer other questions like – Why to rent, which RV to rent, where to rent, how to rent, factors to look out for, and also, the pros and cons of renting from RVshare.

There is a feed-back section too for real-life experiences with RVshare!

Continue reading to know more.

About RVshare Rental Services

RVshare is an online RV rental service in the US. Co-founded by a married couple, Mark and Rachel, it is one of the best RV rental sites available in the US today.

The co-founders realized that it is better to put their RV to good use rather than letting it gather dust in the garage. Through this innovative idea, RVshare was born.

It has served more than 60,000 RV owners. RVshare is one of the best website for people who are looking to rent out their unused RV vehicles. While at the same time, it is a simple and easy to use website for those who want to enhance their vacationing experience by renting the best RV available.

RVshare invites  both renters and RV owners to make the most of this service.

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States Where RVshare is Available

If you want to rent an RV through RVshare, it is necessary to know where it is available. As you can see from the list below, RVshare is now has RVs available for rent in pretty much all states. However, RV rental options are limited in some states and it may be worth while looking at neighbouring states or travelling further a field to find the perfect RV for your trip. After-all the perfect RV will turn a great trip into the trip of a lifetime. Most RV owners won’t mind you parking your car for the duration of your RV trip if you have to travel a little for that perfect ride!

Here is the list of states where the service is available.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
RVShare RV Rental ReviewSave $50 on your next RV Rental Booking
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How to Rent From RVshare

Using RVshare.com to find and book an RV rental is pretty straightforward but why risk messing up your booking. Follow our step by step guide to booking your RV so that your trip gets off to the best start possible start with no surprises and you hit the road with a smile on your face.

How to browse through the website and find the type of RV you want.

  1. Visit RVshare.comWhen you visit the site, the home page will have a search option. You need to provide details about your: Address, duration of stay, and total persons. The picture below will give you a clear idea.RV Share Search Screen
  2. After you hit search, you will get the desired results.

    A list of RV vehicles that meet your requirements will appear. They will be as listed as per their availability.
  3. There are plenty of results, so make sure you apply the filters as shown in the picture below.Filter available on RVshare.com

    Filtering will better help to find your perfect vehicle.

    • You will find various search filters like – price, drivable RV, towable RV, instant Book, keyword, cancellation type, etc for an easy, optimized search.
    • You will also get a map alongside the results for more clarity.
    • Click on the type of RV you find suitable.
RVShare RV Rental ReviewSave $50 on your next RV Rental Booking
Read our full review

How To Book

Once you have found the type of RV you want, click on the picture. This will redirect you to the details and other features of the selected RV.

RVShare booking options

  • On clicking, you will get the estimated prices including the owner’s fee, taxes, and the total amount.
  • They also offer flexible cancellation as highlighted above.
  • You will then see details like:RVshare cancellation policy
  1. Description: This tab will give you a proper description of the RV.
  2. Amenities: This tab enumerates other features such as drivable features, kitchen features, entertainment, and many more.
  3. Rules and policies: The various rules and policies for the RV rental will be displayed here. It is necessary to adhere to these rules.
  4. Rates and Availability: This will provide you with all pricing-related information.
  5. Map: Provides a map of your pick-up location.
  6. Reviews: Go to this section for actual customer reviews to get an insight into the experiences of previous renters.
  • Once you click the book button, you will get the final booking tab as shown below.RVshare Booking details
  • Type in the required details like your name, email, phone number, and move on to the subsequent steps asked as suggested by the website.

How to Contact the owner/ website

RVShare RV Rental ReviewSave $50 on your next RV Rental Booking
Read our full review

If you’re skeptical about renting online, we will assist you with contacting the owner or the website. Follow the steps given below.

  1. How to contact the owner

If you wish to contact the owner, follow these steps.

  • First, click on the type of RV you want as shown in the first step.
  • Once you click, the description below you will get the option of contacting the owner with your queries.
  • Once this is done, click on the ‘Contact Owner’ button.
  • Sign in/up as asked by the website.
  • Write your query in the text box as shown below.How to contact RVshare
  1. How to Contact The Website Owners

You can also contact the owners of the website with the following steps.

  • Scroll to the bottom of your page.
  • You will see 3 columns there.
  • In the ‘Owners’ column, click on ‘Help & Support’.HOw to contact website owners RVshare
  • After this, you will be redirected to the ‘Owner Information’ page. Here, you will get the option of contacting the owners.Contact owners RVshare

How to Collect your RV Rental and Which Documents Are needed to Rent

Once you are done with all the steps like browsing, booking, and contacting, collecting the vehicle is an important part.

  • In the booking section from ‘How to Book’, there’s a map tab. This will give you information regarding the owner’s location. After booking, the owner will give you further details.
  • The following criteria are important if you wish to rent from RVshare.
  1. You should be 25 years old or more.
  2. You must have a proper driving license and 3 years of driving experience.

Security Deposits

The RV owners will secure a certain amount for future damage. It can range from 500$-200$ depending on the size of the RV.

If there is no damage, you will be given a full refund.

Why RVshare Is The Best Choice?

There are so many rental agencies in the US, so why choose RVshare?

Here is a list of reasons you should trust the service..

Variety of Vehicles

RVshare provides its customers with endless options. Since it is a peer-to-peer RV rental, there is a huge catalog to choose from.

Listed below are the type of RV vehicles they offer:

  • For Driving – Class A motorhomes, Class C motorhomes
  • For Towing – Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel

Additionally, this website also provides information about the various features of the 4 RV vehicle types.

Why RVshare is the best RV rental website

Company Insurance

RVshare has partnered with the most experienced RV rental insurance company, so customers can rely on their services.

Apart from that, it also guarantees the protection of owners and renters.


RVshare provides you with a quick ‘Check Now’ box on their website. They have various contact details here through which you can ask for assistance.

Acceptable Payment types

After you book your RV, you are redirected to the payment portal.

Here you can pay through your credit card.

Customer Friendly

RVshare also offers easy cancellation to customers. Here is how the cancellation policy works.

  • 1 month before: Full refund.
  • 30-14 days: 50% refund.
  • Less than 14 days: No refund.

Note: A cancellation processing fee of $99 will apply to all full or partial refunds.

Contact Customer Service

 You can contact the customer service at 1-888-482-0234 at any time.

In case you want to email, you have to fill the form: https://help-rvshare.force.com/s/contactsupport

RVShare RV Rental ReviewSave $50 on your next RV Rental Booking
Read our full review

Advantages of Using RVshare

Easy Booking

RVshare has an effective website that lets you book your RV easily and in a hassle-free manner.

Cancellation Policies

Unlike many other companies, RVshare has proper cancellation policies so that you can rely on us..

User-friendly Website

You need not be tech-savvy to figure out their website. It is user-friendly with clear instructions. Their website has a chatbox for further queries.

Available Everywhere

RVshare is available in 51 states and many other cities. So you do not have to worry about the availability.

24/7 Assistance

Their helpline number given above is available 24×7. For more information, you can also email them.

Renter/Owner Protection

RVshare treats their customers as kings. They have genuine protection insurance for both the owner as well as the renter.

They also have a legitimate background check to prevent fraud or hoax.

No Membership Fee


You do not have to pay any penny to become a part of the RVshare community. So you can always register without any registration fees.


  1. Fewer options for sparsely populated areas.
  1. It has some customer complaints.
  2. No authentic information about the insurance company on their site.
  3. Some listings are not legitimate.

Yet, we believe that the chances of you facing any of these are rare. Get more insights through the feed-back section.

RVshare Reviews


5-star review


We had a great experience, the trailer was clean and well taken care of. It also was packed with all the needed essentials such as pans, utensils, and even hand soap! The pickup and drop off was easy and the owner was very informative.

4-star review


Finding available RV’s at a reasonable price was fairly easy. We were happy with the RV we ended up renting, and the owner was very communicative. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that after I selected an RV and sent the request to the owner, other owners were able to see my dates and requirements and send me messages to solicit me to book their RV instead. I ended up using one of those owners because the owner I reached out to originally didn’t respond within 24 hours. It was still weird to have so many people contacting me, it felt like they were trying to poach me from the one I already selected.

1-star review

“You be the judge, 5/22/2020 until 6/2/2020 we attempted to rent multiple campers for the July 4th holiday, we finally executed an “instabook” and RVshare charged my card for the full amount, hours later the owner of the RV canceled the booking, tying up my money alloted towards our vacation this year, for 5 days! We now have no funds to do anything this holiday, again you be the judge.”

RVShare RV Rental ReviewSave $50 on your next RV Rental Booking
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BBB- Better Business Bureau

3-star Review

I am an RV owner, I have been renting my RV through RVshare since summer 2017. RVshare is not a scam but renters might find listings that are not legitimate. Renters must follow listings with reviews that are real listings. Listings without reviews are not real. For the first year, RVshare worked great but time passed and their customer service started failing. I had renters complaining that roadside assistance provided by RVshare was unresponsive. As an owner, I feel that their commission fees should be based on the rental rate only, and whatever fees we have to charge renters (cleaning, mileage, etc) should be out of any commission. They also did an upgrade in their system that blocked a lot of communication methods we, owners, were using to contact renters. Not sure if I still like RVshare as I used to like them 2 years ago. Their fees are too high for such a poor service. For sure they are not a scam but some listings are and they should not list any RV until they are fully verified.”


According to us, RVshare is an excellent website to rent your favorite RV. If you agree with our review, plan your next thrilling adventure with RVshare.ilderness

RVShare RV Rental ReviewSave $50 on your next RV Rental Booking
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