RVnGO RV Rental Review

RVnGO Rental Review

Are you just a camper at heart, longing for the weekend to hit the road and venture into the wilderness? Or maybe you are looking for a fun adventure holiday for the family this summer. Well, look no further, RVnGO is going to become your new favorite site. And to be honest, if you love a good snoop, it gets a little addictive browsing all the amazing RV available for rent.

RVnGO RV Rental ReviewSave 10% on your next RV Rental
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Our goal is to provide a detailed and honest review of RVnGO.com, the company and the website. We will take a deep dive into their online portal and how it works, weigh up their pros and cons and justify why we think RVnGO.com has not only got one of the widest selections of RVs to choose from, but the best rates too!

Become an RVnGO host

RVnGO is not just for renters either. Did you know that in the US, over 9 million RVs just sit parked up gathering dust? It is literally like throwing money down the toilet. RVnGO has No Listing Fees – No Owner Transaction Fees! In other words, you keep 100% of the rental and the renter pays just 3%. If you have an RV sitting up on your front lawn, put it to work for you today and list it on RVnGO and see just how much you additional income you could be earning every month.

For the majority of people owning their own RV is not realistic, not just because of the cost involved in actually buying an RV but owning one requires a lot of space and ongoing maintenance. RVnGO allows you the freedom to book and go without all those additional costs, meaning you can easily turn your dreams of that classic American road trip into a reality. 


RVnGO RV Rental ReviewSave 10% on your next RV Rental
Read our full review

RVnGO Website & Platform

RVnGO Rental Review

Their goal to “bring people closer together” is evident in their platform. The simplicity in how it connects people wanting to rent an RV with 1000s of RV owners is key to their success to date. Not to mention all of the exciting new features they continue to roll out.

There are other similar peer-to-peer rental platforms out there, and some of them are also very good but RVnGO definitely has the edge when it comes to their website and ease of use.

How To Use The Website

So first thing to note about RVnGO.com, it is not just a place to rent an RV or motorhome but its also a place where RV owners can go to rent out their RVs and make some pretty decent money too. Think airbnb for RVs! If you are thinking of renting your RV you should go ahead and list it. This will give you an idea of just how much you could be missing out on by having it parked up gathering dust when you are not using it.

<<< Go to RVnGO.com now to list your RV >>>

For the renter – the airbnb of RV rental!

If you’re looking to rent an RV, the first thing you need to do is simply search for the location you want to rent from. RVnGO will return all the options available based on distance from your location. 

RVnGO booking Engine

Once you have found your perfect RV you have 2 choices.

  1. You can send an inquiry to the owner and ask any questions you might have, we found most owners to be great to deal with and very responsive.
  2. Otherwise, you can easily opt for the “Book Now” option that the website offers. You’ll will be asked to select the dates that you want to rent the RV for and the website will check the availability.

The next step requires you to get in touch with the owner to schedule an appropriate time for both of you to arrange for the delivery or pick up.

And thats pretty much it, all that’s left to do is look forward to an awesome RV vacation. 

When your vacation comes to an end all you have to do is  to return the RV to the owner you rented it from in the exact condition you got it in unless of course you agreed on a one way RV rental. This is where you agree in advance with the owner to drop the RV off at a different location. There is usually an additional fee for this service but it can be very useful especially if you doing one of the classic American roadtrips like Route 66

RVnGO promo code

No need for a promo code, Simply follow this link and you will receive 10% reduction when you rent your first RV from RVnGO. 

Becoming an RV host – A picture tells a 1000 words

RVnGO become a RV host

If you’re looking to list your RV for rent, RVnGO is just as useful to you. Whats great about RVnGO is you get 100% of the booking. It is by far best online portals for this since you don’t have to pay any hosting fees. You’ll find the agreed rental amount in your bank account within 72 hours after the completion of the rental.

The first important step is to make sure that you list your RV on the website. Remember its absolutely free to list your RV and you are not committing to renting it either so there is really nothing to lose. If your not in you can’t win(or so they say)

Your RV has a much greater chance of getting noticed if you provide really good pictures. People want to see everything inside and out – and yes that include the toilet!

Have your pricing and the dates you want to make it available figured out in advance and you’re good to go!

**Tip spend some time browsing the site and see what others are charging for similar types of RVs. You don’t what to charge too much or too little**

As soon as you’re done with the listing, you’ll find requests start coming in pretty quickly from the interested parties so keep an eye on your inbox.

Once you have decided to rent your RV, get in touch with the interested party and set an appropriate time that works for both of you. Fill them in on the important information about your RV. Be sure to add and upload the check-in pictures for added peace of mind for both of you.

RVnGO RV Rental ReviewSave 10% on your next RV Rental
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Why Should You Choose RVnGO?

A quick look at why we think RVnGO is the best RV rental website

  1. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, RVnGO gives you one of the best possible (if the best) online portal experience for both renters RV owners.
  2. There are no hidden charges or fees to pay. Owners list for free and get 100% of the booking fee. Renters pay just 3% of the total charge to RVnGO. This is one of the most transparent payment systems for both renters and owners
  3. All RVnGO rentals benefit from 24/7 Roadside Assistance. This service is backed by CoachNet.
  4. With RVnGO insurance is taken care of. All you need to do is kick back and enjoy your trip to the fullest. There is liability cover up to 1 million dollars & up to $200,000 for any kind of damage to a rented RV.
  5. The RVnGO online rental portal is without a doubt one of the best peer-to-peer rental site and it is absolutely free to use.
RVnGO RV Rental ReviewSave 10% on your next RV Rental
Read our full review

RVnGO caters for all needs

RVnGO have one of the widest range or RVs listed on any site. They have RVS to suit every need, from fun family trips where you will be staying is approved campgrounds with all the mod cons to four wheel drive off road adventure vehicles designed to go off grids for weeks at a time.

Just under the search bar you will find some quick search icons. There are 8+ classes of RV available. They are Class A, Class B, Class C, Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler, Camper Trailer, Pop Up Camper, Campervan, etc. You will find RV owners to suit all needs including ADA Complaint RVs or Wheelchair Accessible RVs, or even RVs to suit pets.

The top travel destinations for RVnGO rentals

  1. Austin
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Miami
  5. Tampa
  6. San Diego

Cancellation And Safety Policies

Having reviewed RVnGOs cancellation policy we couldn’t find anything that stands out as something to watch out for. Its pretty straight forward stuff but please be sure to read it fully before making your booking. Follow this link and scroll down to the footer where you will find the cancellation policy.

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” Ben Franklin, 1789

Life gets in the way of the best laid plans.. It’s just the way it goes. If you need to amend your booking the main piece of advice would be to reach out to your host first and as early as possible. Discuss all options with them, whether you need to change your dates or cancel altogether hosts are generally pretty accommodating.

Remember, hosts may have their own specific cancellation policies so be sure to read up on them and ask any questions you have in advance of making your booking.

RVnGO Concierge Service Team can be contacted by phone at 888-399-9505 or email at [email protected]

Added Goodness…

The RVnGO website also has some really cool content also such as travel tips, tips on outdoor enjoyment, newsletters, etc. Well worth a read before you set off for the trip of a lifetime


So would we recommend RVnGO for your next RV rental. Absolutely yes. It make such a difference to get that little bit of a personal touch. Also, the RVs are loved! They are their owners pride and joy unlike the bland rentals you pick up from the nationwide agencies. But the real icing on the cake is the money your will save.. RVnGO has some of the best RV stock to choose from at the lowest prices around. 

Ready… Set.. RVnGO!