10 Days In Norway | The Ultimate Roadtrip Itinerary.

Campervan rental Norway

Norway is one of the original lands of the infamous Viking culture. What were once
known as Norsemen, this land and its people have an ancient culture and history steeped in beauty. From the towering fjords, to the awe inspiring lakes, and breathtaking country road sights–Norway is one of the most striking places on earth.

One of the best ways to truly experience Norway is in a campervan hire.  The country of Norway is massive, and there is plenty to do and see all over. However, the bulk of the action is in southern Norway. In this case, in order to fit everything into the campervan hire itinerary, we will be sticking to the southern bulk of the country. So, let’s get this trip started, and begin your 10-Day Norway campervan hire itinerary!

Day One – Arrival in Oslo

Frogner Park Norway

Day one is going to have you flying into the capital city of Oslo. Oslo is by far the easiest
entry point into Norway, and will give you a chance to see the capital area for a bit before taking off to explore the fjords and nature.

In Oslo you can visit the Frogner Park, which is the world’s largest sculpture park. You
can also visit the Akershus Fortress, Karl Johannes Gate, and all the other major tourist sites in Oslo. You will only want to spend about a day here as you will have plenty to see and do outside of the city life. Oslo is a fun and bustling city, but the true beauty of Norway is in nature!

Once you have hired your campervan and rested up, you can prepare to see southern

Day Two –  Go for gold in Lillehammer

Lillehammer Norway

Day two will have you driving to the Olympic town of Lillehammer. Getting out into the wilds of Norway is a bit difficult in a single day, as the drive from Oslo to all the action is very long. So, we are going to break things up and have you spending a night in Lillehammer.

Lilehammer is a quaint little town nestled against Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa. In 1994, the winter Olympic games were held in Lillehammer, and the city still has plenty of fun and action to see because of it. You can visit the Olympic villages and museums, and explore some of the quaint cafes and lakeside venues. Make sure to visit the Maihaugen open-air museum, which features buildings nearly 1,000 years old! Lillehammer is a quiet and charming town, and will be a welcome stop along your way.

Day Three – Flåm

Flåm - Norway

Day three, you are going to drive to the small village of Flåm. You will finally be taking a step away from the ‘city’ life, and into one of the real reasons you are in Norway–the fjords.

Flåm is famous for its massive fjords that it sits along. Here you can take a 2-hour long ferry ride along the waters of the fjord from Flåm to Gudvagen. This breathtaking ferry ride will fully immerse you into the world of Norway and the land of the glacial fjords. Once you have taken the time to explore the fjords, you can explore the quiet little village and hike around the surrounding area before resting for the night.

Day Four/Five – Bergen

Bergen - Norway

Day four is going to take you from Flåm, to the beautiful fjord city of Bergen. You should plan to spend at least two days in Bergen, as this city has so much to offer it’s crazy! Bergen is located right at the base of Sognefjord, the nation’s longest and deepest fjord.

Bergen is a city filled with everything from quaint colorful houses, ancient monuments and sites, and breathtaking nature. From Bergen you can really do whatever you want with your trip. You can take guided glacier hikes, ferry trips of the surrounding fjords, relax in spas, and more!

There are some things that cannot be missed, however. For example, the famous area of Bryggen. Bryggen is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most treasured areas of Bergen. This old city area is filled with museums, gorgeous architecture, and endless historic value.

You will also want to take a day to hike some of the 7 mountains that surround Bergen, and can even take guided tours to do so. Bergen is a wonderful city that you can easily get lost in with all of its adventure. Try to do as much as you can, before moving on to the second half of the trip!

Day Six – The Amazing Eidfjord region.


Day six, you want to wake up bright and early and hit the road as soon as possible. From Bergen you are going to drive east, and explore the amazing Eidfjord region.

The Eidfjord region is situated just 2,5 hours from Bergen. Here you will be able to experience some of the most breathtaking nature in all of Norway. You will be able to see plenty of the natural wonders and sights, and explore the area around the Hardangerfjord national park.

The first thing you will do is drive from Eidfjord to Voringfossen Falls . Here you will see one of the highest waterfalls in all of Norway, and hike around the region. Make sure not to stay too long, because we are going to be driving a lot today!
From Voringfossen Falls you will drive further into the national park, to the
Hardangervidda plateau. There are no other plateaus quite like this one in all of Europe. You will explore the surrounding area, before moving on to the next stop. Trolltunga.

Trolltunga (troll’s tongue), is one of the most famous sights in all of Norway. This rock formation jutts out above the fjords, and offers you one of the most otherworldly views in the entire country. Trolltunga is a sight that cannot be missed on your Norweigian campervan hire road trip.

Once you have finished visiting Trolltunga, you will head to the campervan park of Odda Bobilcamp, and rest up for the night.

Day Seven – Folgelfonna Glacier

Day seven will have you driving very little, as you are going to head over to the
Folgefonna National Park. The national park is the best place in Norway for glacier hiking, and you will be able to take a 5km guided hike of the Folgelfonna glacier. Here you will get a chance to see the ice lands of Norway, and experience the feeling of the old glaciers that carved the famous fjords of the region.

Once you have fully discovered the national park, you will spend the afternoon/evening driving south to Røldal. In Røldal you will be able to visit the Røldal Stave Church, which was one of the most famous sites in all of Norway and was built in 1,200 AD. You will explore the area of Røldal in the evening, before posting up for the night at one of the several RV parks in the area.

Day Eight – Lysefjord


Day eight will take you south to the stunning area of Lysefjord. Lysefjord is home to more natural wonders, and amazing hiking trails that you will spend the day exploring. Here you can see the famous Pulpit Rock, which is a cliffside formation that will offer you one of the most famous visuals in all of Norway.

You will also take the time to hike over to Flørli 4444. This hiking trail is only reachable by ferry through the fjord, or by foot. It is named Flørli 4444 because of the massive staircase up the mountainside which has 4,444 stairs. Be prepared to climb, because the region of Lysefjord is all about hiking and high places! There is no end to the natural wonders and sites all around the Lysefjord area.

Day Nine/Ten – Stravenger


The last leg of your trip will begin by making a drive to Tau, and taking the ferry across the waters into Stravenger. You can drive straight to Stravenger from the Lysefjord area, but taking the ferry from Tau is far more fun and beautiful.

Once you arrive in Stavanger, you will prepare to bring your trip to a close. Stravenger is a gorgeous little city that has exploded in wealth and wonder since the 1960’s. Here you can spend the last two days unwinding, relaxing, and visiting some of the ancient churches, monuments, and natural surroundings of the area.
Make sure to visit Gamle Stavenger, the old town, and try some traditional cuisine. Renaa Matbaren is perhaps one of the most famous and most delicious places for a bite to eat in Stavanger.

Scavenger has an international airport, and can be a great place to exit Norway if you
plan to end your trip here. Otherwise, you can fly from Stavenger to Oslo, and finish off your excellent Norway adventure where you started.

Final Thoughts.

It is impossible to see all of the wonder that Norway has to offer in a 10 day road trip. However, you will be able to see a lot if you have some determination, and aren’t afraid to make long haul driving journeys throughout the day.

Norway is home to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful natural wonders on planet Earth, and is a place that should be seen by everyone who can do so. Traveling around by campervan in Norway is the best ways to experience the country. You will get the chance to drive the long and winding roads, cruise by the fjords, and stop and admire the lakes and charming villages. Norway is a place that must be seen to be believed. I only wish I could experience it again for the first time!

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