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Hi! We are Karl & Nanda and we love travelling around in RVs. However, unlike the majority of van life bloggers who all aspire to living in their vans, we rent ours (like most of you!) and we have become pretty good at it. 

There is a lot to consider when renting an RV, especially if its your first time and like any industry today there are cowboys just waiting to take advantage.  

So stick with us and we will will guide you in the right direction. Our RV rental reviews are in-depth and honest and the camping accessories are must haves for any successful road trip!

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As we start to see the world re-open after the first pandemic in over a century, one thing that has become clear is the travel landscape has changed forever. Social distancing is here to stay and that makes travelling by air, bus & train much more difficult. You also need to look at the accommodation factor, hotels, B&Bs and hostels are not going to be what they used to be. Prices will inevitably rise to cover costs of fewer numbers at bars and restaurants and additional costs needed for cleaning.

The RV Rental industry on the other hand is set to reap the rewards as people and family’s choose to travel in the comfort of their own clean motorhome. RV Rental gives travellers the freedom to explore the world at their own pace without the need for busy bus & train stations. See the sights, explore the local cuisine all from the comfort of your own motorhome rental. It truly is stress free travel at its very best.

RV Rental Guides

There is something magical when you think of the classic American road trip. Whether it’s the romance of traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles along historic Route 66 or feeling the wind in your hair as you cruise along the cliffs of the pacific coast highway. Finding the best one way RV rental will make those dreams come true. Check out some of our latest RV rental guides.

Why trust Travelbycamper.com for you next RV Rental?

In short.. because we love nothing more that hitting the open road, plan or no plan, and going camping. Whether thats in a full sized luxury RV or a small 2 berth converted VW bus. We have probably spent more time in rentals that we have at home and so we’ve learned a thing or two about what you need to look out for when renting an RV. 

Top 5 Locations to Start Your RV Rental

Where you begin your RV rental road trip can make the difference between a good trip and an amazing one. Think long and hard about what you what to achieve on your trip.

Las Vegas

What better place to kick of the trip of a lifetime than the city of sin. This is one of the most popular spots for travellers that want to blow off some steam before hitting the highways in their RV rental.


Hands down one of our favorite RV rental locations and one of the most popular amongst our readers. Why is RV Rental Michigan so popular? Its simple, Michigan borders 4 of the 5 great lakes and offers an outdoor vacation that cannot be matched. From amazing national parks to unrivalled water sports Michigan is #1 for RV rental & outdoor adventure lovers.


Chicago, also known as the Windy City is the starting point for one of the most recognised one way roadtrips in the world. For RV rental enthusiasts Route 66 is the big one and it doesn’t get much better. But thats not all Chicago has to offer, in fact Chicago is one of the best cities in the US for RV Rental because of the long list of attractions within driving distance. Places like Madison, Wisconsin or any number of amazing stops along the coast of Lake Michigan.


Probably the second most popular of the classic American roadtrips is the Pacific Coast highway. Running from Seattle all the way south to sunny San Diego and with stops in cities like Portland, San Francisco and LA along the way you can see why this is so popular. But you don’t have to go south. If you decide to point your RV rental northwards its next stop Canada and the beautiful city of Vancouver.

San Diego

If you decide to take a RV rental out of San Diego, you have the entire state of California in front of you. Head for LA, Santa Barbara, San Fran or maybe its a trip to the desert for a bit of gambling you are after, with Las Vegas only a few hours away. Whether it’s a week, two weeks or even a whole summer, you won’t be short of fun things to do.

Is RV Rental worth it?

This is a question we get asked nearly everyday and in our opinion there is only one answer. Yes! and if you have to ask that question you have obviously never experienced the fun an RV vacation offers.

There are many types of RV vacation and one to suit everyones taste. Whether you are after an outdoor adventure trip, a fun filled family road trip or a luxurious getaway, RV Rental has something to offer.

How much RV Rental?

Everyone thinks RV rental is super expensive and that really couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the average one week family vacation comes in at approx $4800. Compare that to an RV rental vacation and you are looking at approx $2000 per week for your rental. Remember, with and RV Rental there are no flight or hotel costs, just fill that tank and go!

Other Expenses to Watch for When You Rent an RV

Food and fuel are the most obvious expenses however, while you can’t really do much about the fuel costs you can really save a lot by cooking all your own meals. All RV rentals come with a full sized kitchen and refrigerator meaning you can stock up at the local supermarket before setting off. 

Another expense people sometime forget is the costs to park up for the night. This can vary from free to $30 or $40 on average. You can spend a lot more if you wish with some of the really high end parks costing upwards of $150 per night.. Dry camping or wild camping is available in most national parks and this is generally free.

Some hidden costs to watch out for:

  • You will need insurance for your RV rental vacation. Most rental agencies will be able to provide adequate cover. Check with your own motor insurer before setting off to see what they offer.
  • You would think everyone included your pot, pans and bedding but you would be surprised how many agencies charge extra.
  • Cleaning costs are another sneaky charge you will probably be asked to pay.

How to Rent a RV

Renting an RV really couldn’t be easier. There are a huge amount of RV rental sites. You can rent an RV from an agency or direct from an RV owner using some of the RV rental platforms.




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